Our services

Intervention / quick repair on all devices or other WIDRA

We work on :

  • All types of bridges weighing (truck / wagon / mixed), fixing, metrological punch, disassembly, assembly, etc
  • Fixed or mobile axles scales
  • Any type of balance, weighing tray, industrial and commercial scales, precision scale
  • Continuous weighing system (inclusive), dosing, bagging, etc
  • All on board systems, pallet truck, loading machines, construction, quarry machines…

Rental of standard weights (500kg balls, weights of 1 and 2 tons, 5 tons trays).

Transforming your mechanical deck in an hybrid system. Integration of weight sensor on existing bridge , electronic weighing terminal, software application standard or custom.

Rental of scales, weighing trays,etc…

Study, feasibility, development, installation and assembly of all projects

Official metrological punching (P026) of your weighing

Every Monday starting at 7h30, Widra is at your disposal. Do not hesitate to contact us in order to solve your problems as soon as possible
Tel. : +32 (0)87 35 07 72